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Thursday, June 9, 2016

A Special Sketch

On Monday night I had posted about doing a special sketch that I couldn't yet reveal. I made this sketch for one of my friends. She has worked with me for the past year as she was working on her Master's Degree in Engineering Management & Leadership. Tomorrow she graduates and will be traveling back to India.

I have learned a lot from Nikita this past year: there are still young people out there who are willing to work hard, to reach for your goals despite what others think you should do, and that "there are opportunities out there, you just have to take them!" just to name a few. I also learned a lot from her about Indian culture, traditions, and her personal stories and struggles.

I got to show her about America's Halloween and she taught me about India's Diwali - "Festival of Lights."

Which brings me to the sketch...

Throughout the year she kept telling me that she wanted to bring one of my sketches back home with her. I wasn't sure what to sketch, but wanted to make sure it was special. On Halloween she had come to our house for our Halloween party. Her very first American Halloween party! She was dressed up as an adorable Minnie Mouse... this is what I decided to sketch for her:

Halloween 2015
Dr. Pamela Lillian Isley and Minnie Mouse
(Me) and (Nikita)

Monday, June 6, 2016

Sketching the Night Away

Tonight I'm working on a special sketch, but I can't reveal too much about it right now because it is a surprise for someone special. So instead of sharing what I'm currently working on, I decided to share with you a couple of my past sketches.

The first sketch is from the animated film "Surf's Up" and is of the main surfing penguin, Zeke. I sketched this back in 2011 for my little cousin, Jaxon, as he LOVED the movie at the time. I had forgotten about this sketch until going through my studio earlier this year. 

The second sketch is one I did more recently, just about a month or so ago. I was feeling silly and decided a baby giraffe acting silly was exactly the way I felt. Someone commented that it looked like a dead giraffe, haha, but he's definitely alive and well! :)

Thursday, May 26, 2016

Missing Traditional Film Photography

Earlier this year I finally got my art studio all set up and finally got all my items put away from when we moved in almost four years ago!!! During that time I found my old binder of black & white photos that I took and developed.

I always think about traditional photography and I miss it terribly. It's pretty magical watching the photo develop before your eyes as the paper floats in the liquids. Looking through my photos makes me miss it all that much more. 

One day I will create my own dark room! I am determined! :)

Lindsay Circa 2002

Left Photo: Andrew & Alisha Circa 2002
Right Photo: Lindsay 2007

Monday, May 23, 2016

Creations from 2015

Peeps makes Easter!
Peeps & Jelly Belly Vase, Peeps Cake, Chocolate Covered Strawberries, and Jelly Belly Nest Mini Carrot Cakes.
2015 Additions to
Album conception art for Wonked Records.
SF Giants Birthday Crown, using a dollar store crown, spray paint and black rhinestones.
One of the most fun gifts I put together. This is a "Welcome to the Real World" Book for college graduates. It is filled with a lot of goofy gifts with fun puns about dealing with the real world. The cover is Mod Podged with a map and the graduate's name. 

Pink Dot donor "sticker" as a cupcake for Lindsay's 6th Lung Anniversary.
Butterfly Dollar & Candy Lei for Alisha's 8th Grade Graduation.

Alisha's 8th Grade Graduation cake. The hat is made of Rice Krispie treats!
Mia's first birthday board & smash cake. (I absolutely love this cake pan!!!)
A painting for baby Ruby to match the one I made for her brother. You can see that one here: "It's a Hoot!"
Sugar Free Strawberry Cheesecake. Recipe found here:
Dollar store skulls turned into Dia De Los Muertos Decor and "trophies" for our Halloween Costume contest.
My Painting: "La Virgen Muerta"
Acrylic paint, glitter, and tissue paper
Alisha's 15th Birthday Cake, emoji style!!!

Creations from the end of 2014

I made an inexpensive Halloween center piece from an empty cocktail sauce jar.
I just wrapped some black and purple netting around the bottle neck,
tied a dollar store spider to it, and added dollar store roses.

My cousin has been a huge TMNT fan since he was little.
For Christmas I made him a TMNT pillow out of felt and a circle pillow from the craft store.
Also for Christmas I made my niece a Skittles (her favorite) wallet using a Skittles wrapper, zipper and rainbow fabric.

Christmas jewelry I made to be sold on

Every year I make my niece her birthday cake.
In 2014 it was a special present! ;)

Dollar Store Bag + Cute Computer Print Out + Glitter Glue = Very Inexpensive Gift Wrapping!!!